Amigurumi Squirrel Girl pattern assembly guide

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Amigurumi Squirrel girl, assembly guide.

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February's issue of the Finnish lifestyle and crafting magazine Kotoliving has a pattern and interview of The Sun and the Turtle! The article did not fit the whole pattern so here is the rest. The assembly guide for the Squirrel girl.

The downloadable pattern has even further instructions.

To add the details to your amigurumi you will need
  1. For hair: Yellow thick yarn
  2. Previously crocheted arms, sleeves, feet and shoes
  3. For tail:Brown felt, piece of foam, felting needle and thread
  4. For additional details: Small white lace, white embroidery thread.


The hands of your amigurumi should look like the ones in the photo on right side (mouse over to enlarge) once they are crocheted.

Installing the sleeves and arms is pretty simple. Place the arm inside the sleeve and sew it with the remaining yarn you had on the hand when fastened. After that, sew to the body.

Place feet in the bottom part of the body securing them with some pins and sew carefully to the body. Use the tail that was left when fastening of the feet. Do not add any details in the socks until the amigurumi is totally assembled.


Remember to install/ embroider the safety eyes before filling the head with fiberfill stuffing. Always leave a tail in the end to sew to the body.


Use thinner yarn in a color that can make contrast to the rest of the amigurumi. Cut 15 pieces of the same length (you can use a paper to make them all at the same time)

Once you have the pieces, locate the center of them and sew them to the head of your amigurumi as shown in the picture on the side.
Add as much hair as you want.


Place the felt emulating a tail shape on top of a piece of foam. Using the felting needle start felting by pricking the felt onto the foam. After some minutes you will realize that the tail starts getting a thick hairy consistency. If you do not know how to needle felt you can watch this video where they will show you how easy it is:

Sew or needle felt the tail to the base of the body in the back side. After securing the bottom part, carefully roll the upper part facing the outer side and not the inside of your amigurumi and sew it with brown thread. See pictures on the right for a clearer explanation of how it is done.


Personalizing your amigurumi is up to you, for example you can add lace to the socks, braid the hair, put some makeup on her cheeks, decorate the shoes, etcetera. I hope this explanations were clear enough for all of you amigurumi ninjas. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about this post.
Amigurumi oravatyttö
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