The Hook Ninja Mascot

Hi Hook Ninjas!
We have Amigurumi patterns in 3 categories, from beginner to advanced. Use the lists in the sidebar to check them all out! :)

About our Amigurumi patterns

The Sun and the Turtle offers the Hook Ninja patterns in three different categories.

Beginner Patterns

free rabbit amigurumi pattern in white yearn, easto to crochet. Amigurumi pig free crochet pattern

All of our patterns in this category are free. They are designed to give you a good understanding of how to start with Amigurumi crocheting and will leave you feeling rewarded after completing the pattern in one day. This category has just a few parts to assemble and are built around one body. Most of them require only one color.

Intermediate Patterns

Amigurumi guinea pig free crochet pattern Amigurumi kitten crochet pattern

The Amigurumis in this category are built up of atleast two parts or have two or more colors in them. They require a little bit more time to complete but they are still relatively easy to complete, and do not require an elevated skill of crocheting.

Advanced Patterns

Santa claus amigurumi free crochet pattern lion buy amigurumi free crochet pattern

After completing one of the patterns in the 3 star category you can officially call yourself a Hook Ninja! These patterns have multiple body parts, hair, accessories, colors and may be accompanied by a pattern of category 1 star.

Why buy a pattern?

There are many free patterns here for you to try out but they are only meant for online viewing. When you buy one of our patterns you will get a high resolution multiple page pattern suitable for printing that includes:

Detailed pictures describing the different stages of the process.
An assembly chart showing you how to sew the Amigurumi together. See the Lion boy for an example.
Tips and advice on how you can fine tune your Amigurumi.

The Sun and the Turtle Amigurumis are made to spread color and our love for nature and all its beings.

We are happy that you found us and please come and join our Facebook page to get updates on new patterns and follow the chat there! You can also subscribe to the mailing list!

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