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We have Amigurumi patterns in 3 categories, from beginner to advanced. Use the lists in the sidebar to check them all out! :)

Amigurumi bunny free crochet pattern

Amigurumi Bunny. Free Crochet pattern. An easy crochet project for beginners. By The Sun and the Turtle.

Bunny Amigurumi pattern. This crochet amigurumi animal pattern is a very easy crochet project for beginners. You will learn how to make an amigurumi with a very simple structure. This can be a fast crochet project for a handmade gift. You can use it as a keychain or as a nursery decoration or Christmas tree ornament!

If this is your first contact with amigurumi, this bunny is a great pattern to start crocheting amigurumis!

  • Free Amigurumi Bunny pattern by The Sun and the Turtle

Amigurumi bunny free crochet pattern

- Sts: Stitches
- ch: Chain
- Sc: Single crochet
- Inv. Dec.: Invisible Decrease
- 2sc: Two single crochet

For this pattern you will need:

- White yarn 4 mm
- Two Plastic safety eyes
- Fiberfill stuffing

Hook size:

For this pattern I am using a 4 mm clover hook but you can use a smaller or bigger in any brand of your preference. The bigger the hook the less tight the stitches and the bigger your amigurumi. If you use the hook I am recommending in this pattern and tour fabric still looks loose (you can see the stuffing) you should use a smaller hook.


Rnd 1 — St 5 into magic ring (5 sts)
Rnd 2 — 2sc in each st around and place marker(10 sts)
Rnd 3 — [2sc in next st, sc in next st]around (15 sts)
Rnd 4 to 9 — Sc around (15 sts)
Place eyes, ddd fiberfill stuffing.
Rnd 10 — [Inv. Dec. in next st, sc in next st]around (10 sts)
Rnd 11 —[Inv. Dec.]around (5 sts)
Fasten off, weave in loose end.


Rnd 1 — ch 10
Rnd 2 —sc in each.
Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew to the body.

REMEMBER: Place safety eyes before filling your buddy.
Sew a nice smiley mouth.


Rnd 1 — 5 sc into magic ring. (5 sts)
Rnd 2 — 2 sc in each st around.(10 sts)
Fasten off, Sew to the body.

You have finished your first amigurumi Congratulations!!!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and let me know how it went in the comments we Love to read your thoughts about our patterns!

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