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Evil pumpkin Halloween Amigurumi Swap

Evil pumpkin Amigurumi halloween swap 2012
We thew out an open question on our facebook page, asking if any of our friends wanted to do a swap of amigurumis. Mad Crochet Lab and Araceliz Alvira were the first to rise to the occasion and the result of this became the Spooky Amigurumi triangle, pictured in the image inside.
The idéa of this swap is that everyone makes one Amigurumi and then sends it onward to the next person. Since Halloween is coming up the theme is to make an Evil/scary/rotting pumpkin or Jack-O-lantern.
    The rules are simple.
  1. Make the Amigurumis
  2. Do not take picts of the finished Amigurumi.. just teasers.
  3. When you recieve your amigurumi take the pict of the surprise and upload it to facebook

There are no prices and noone wins. This is all about the pleasure of creating and sharing. We have never made a pumpkin let alone anything rotting or evil so this will surely be a funny challenge!

You can follow the process on our
facebook page.
Here are the pages of the two other Hook Ninjas that are participating:
Mad Crochet Lab
Crochet Creations By Liz


Here are some teasers of the evil pumpkin amigurumis. Still too early to tell what is going on here...

The finished amigurumis

All the Hook Ninja's that participated in the swap really took the time to make something out of the box. Liz's rotting pumpkin had eyes that fell out when you squeezed it, plus a brain inside on the pumpkin. As it that was not enouhg Liz crocheted the cutest little Vampire Bat costume boy to go with it. One word, AMAZING!
Mad crochet lab had the genious to crochet the pumkin so the that you could sticka finger inside of it and then pop it through the top of the pumpkin and tadaa, a worm comes out! Jenn really had to scratch her brain to make something evil and rotting. After awhile she came up with the idea of using Jack the Ripper some how. The result was a Ripper with a pumpkin as a head, filled with candy, of course... :)
The swap was a total success, and we look forward to see who will participate in 2013! May the spook be with you!

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