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Amigurumi moomin pattern in process part1

How to crochet a Moomin?

For the first time I have decided to crochet a amigurumi from an existing character. The Moomin. Do you know who the Moomin are?

One day while talking with a friend I asked her: But what is a Moomin?
 She looked at me very serious and told me "A Moomin is a Moomin"  and for me that was enough to clear my doubts. Moomin are Moomin, that's it. 

Moomin is a  Finnish fairy tale character created by Tove Jansson released in 1945 that has been the favorite of many children in Finland and Sweden over the decades.  It is still one of the most popular series at least in Finland and kids of all ages enjoy watching them in their fantastic adventures.

This rounded and sweet family has amazing adventures in the Moomin valley with numerous friends. I love their kindness, their sense of friendship and care for others, even thou it is made for children it is a great animated serie with beautiful music and a language full of respect and empathy. 

Before starting my Amigurumis I usually get lots of references and inspiration about the character that want to make. I then draw some loose sketches and play with the idéa.
The body was rather easy, since the Moomin are rounded and 
only have one color. I felt quite confident and happy, it was seeming like a fast project. After the body came the head. I started from the snout, making it a a little wider at first and then decreasing. Moomins have a big nose, like a hippo, but also a rounded head that goes upwards with pointed ears. Pretty soon it was obvious that this was going to be a little trickier then I had anticipated at first. Then the question arouse. 
How can I translate that head form keeping it in one piece in crochet?
My first trial will be to increase the stitches only in one section of the head. 
What would you do to make this shape?
I will be updating the process of the Amigurumi Moomin so check back to see my daily progress. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend.
I hope that if you have never heard of the Moomin before that this post will inspire you to check them out. Tove Jansson make wonderful illustrations to go with the books, and they were meant to be read by adults as well. 

I found a blog with scans from her books here.

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