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We have Amigurumi patterns in 3 categories, from beginner to advanced. Use the lists in the sidebar to check them all out! :)

Crystal the Amigurumi fairy

Amigurumi fairy pattern. Easy to crochet and full of instructions and pictures.

The idea of Crystal the amigurumi fairy came after a couple of months ago we made a poll in our Facebook page and asked our hook ninja friends which premium amigurumi pattern they wanted to see. The amigurumi fairy was the one with the most of the votes.

Amigurumi fairy. Pattern by The Sun and the Turtle

Have you seen closely under the leaves in the forest in spring and summer days? If you are lighter than a feather and your inner child is still curious and capable of seeing the invisible world, you will spot small, mischievous and playful spirits protectors of the forest . Ancient “spirits of the air” that have existed since the beginning of mankind all over the world.

Do you want to see a fairy?

Be kind with others, keep your heart full of love, respect nature and all living beings on it. A nice trick is to place some sugar, syrup or honey on your garden. They sure will go and taste such kind delightful present of yours if you are a good person and treat others living creatures with respect.

I like fairies and they have been part of my life since small. When I started imagining how the first TSATT fairy should be I pictured it in my head with a small cute shape and a big head and yellow wings. She is very kind, small and calm. Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts!

Difficulty: 3 stars
Estimate time of completion: 1 day

Pattern available on Ravelry

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