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Leatherface and the headless horseman Amigurumi characters

Here are the finished Amigurumis of the Halloween swap.

what movie character scares you the most?

The task for this years Halloween swap was to crochet your least favorite character or the character that has scared you the most in Horror movies.

Amigurumi of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

For Jenn at TSATT it was easy. Just the Thought of "Leatherface" makes her cringe and she has not been able to see the whole move "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in one go.

Amigurumi of The Headless Horseman from the movie Sleepy Hollow.

Ale Isabel Arredondo made an amazing Headless Horseman, the one that Christopher Walken made in the movie Sleepy Hollow.

What do you think of the Amigurumis? Do they look anything like the "real" characters? What horror movie character would you have liked to make or like to see in Amigurumi form?

Have a great halloween!

This is how the original Movie posters were meant to look like.
Movie poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Join us for the swap next year!

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