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Koala and fox crochet purse

The Koala and Fox Crochet purse. An every day item turned animal!

An every day item turned animal!

The Koala and Fox crochet purses are made in crochet and felt. We made the face of the animals as the whole purse and the result is a very fun and cute crochet purse big enough to save money or small things such as keys, cards, buttons, beauty products, etc.

Here in The Sun and the Turtle we love to create things that people would wear normally but in animal or fantasy shapes.

Everybody uses a proper "elegant" purse, sometimes of expensive brands. We thought that it would be fun to have a purse that resembles some of our favorite animals so that every time that you take out a coin from it you will have a big smile on your face :)

For now we have the Fox and Koala crochet purses made to order, but in the future we might try to experiment with other animals as well. Feel free to request your favorite animal and we will give it a shot!

If you would like to purchase a Fox crochet purse click here.
If you would like to purchase a Koala crochet purse click here.
Which animal would you like to see as a crochet purse?

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