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TSATT Amigurumi Halloween Swap Work in progress (WIP)

Amigurumi halloween swap work in progress


Hi hook ninjas! This year Halloween Amigurumi Swap it has been very fun imagining and creating the character of our nightmares. Jenn is making a character that scares her so much that she hides the picture while she crochets  so she does not have to stare at it all the time! Can you guess what is Jen's character of her nightmares?

Ale Isabel is joining us this year for the swap. She sent us some pictures of the character of her nightmares, we are trying to figure out what is it. Do you have any ideas?

Stay tuned for more updates about the projects. Leave a comment below with your guess. 

more teasers 1 week before halloween

Ale Isabel sent us some more details of her Amigurumi. 
Our first guess based upon the earlier pictures that it Could have been "Cujo", the possessed Dog from the Stephen King book/movie got crumbled with these new picts. 

Obviously there is some pumpkin like going on in here but what could it be. There are plenty of Halloween characters in Horror movies but perhaps one movie sticks out from the rest.
Is it a character played by Christopher Walken, perhaps?

The Horror movie character that we here at The Sun and the Turtle dislike the most, and that half of us is not even able to at look a picture of is pretty scary, lol. No but what can we write with out revealing too much? Well due to the fact that Jenn can't look at the character she designed the Amigurumi from old memories that apparently has left her scarred for life! :D
Can you guess who it is?

Take your guess and comment below. Who do you think these characters are, and what character is the scariest one for you? 
We will of course reveal the full pictures of the Halloween Horror movie Amigurumis, but closer to Halloween. Check back soon!

We here at The Sun and the Turtle wish you a super creepy Halloween with lots of fun and candy.
If you have any other crafty Halloween creations you would like to share with us then please do so in the comment section below or go to our Facebook page and show everyone!
The finished Amigurumis have now been added to the blog. See them here.

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