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DIY - How to make your own cloth tags

Tutorial on how to make your own cloth tags easy.

This tutorial will show you how to do your own cloth tags in a fast, cheap and easy way. A cloth tag can be a perfect way to add some detail your accessories although customized cloth tags can be quite expensive and if they are embroidered it can be hard to get the result that you want.


Things needeed:
A linoleum sheet
Carving tool
Cloth paint

The stamp is carved into a linoleum sheet. You can get free sample pieces of linoleum from your hardware store or other stores that deal with floors. Then all you need to get is a sharp tool to carve with and some cloth paint.

There are specific tools that graphic artists use to carve with but you can carve with anything that is sharp. For example a knife or even a scissor. Please be careful when you use your tool.

Remember that the stamp will become mirrored when you turn it down and press it to the cloth. So if you are going to use letters and words you have to carve the word backwards in to the linoleum.

Cloth paint is sold in fabric and hobby stores. Using this paint allows you to be sure that the color will stay even of the cloth is washed. For example if you want to mark the towels for your family. If you are not going to wash the cloth then you can even use normal acrylic paint used for paintings.

Start by drawing the text, logo or motif on to the linoleum sheet.

Then take your tool and carve away the linoleum from around the the motif.

Apply paint to the stamp with a sponge, brush or piece of cloth. Wipe away excess paint. Using too much will make the tag look sloppy. Make a test first on a piece of cloth so you know how much paint you want.

Let the paint dry for awhile or use a hair dryer to dry it fast.

Iron over the cloth tags when the paint is completely dry. The cloth paint reacts with heat and will suck into the fabric, solidifying the mark.

VoilĂ ! Now you can use this method to make any kind of stamps. A tip for a christmas present could be to get your family towels with their names stamped onto them. :)

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