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We have Amigurumi patterns in 3 categories, from beginner to advanced. Use the lists in the sidebar to check them all out! :)

Cat free amigurumi pattern Jiji Ghibli character Kiki Delivery Service

Free amigurumi cat pattern. Jiji from the Studio Ghibli movie: Kiki's Delivery Service.

Jiji the cat, companion of Kiki free amigurumi pattern. This a very easy crochet project for beginners as well as a very short crochet project. You will practice how to make simple amigurumis as well as how to add felt details to amigurumis.

How can we leave Amigurumi Kiki without her best friend Jiji? The talkative and opinionated amazing cat of Kiki is her partner in all the adventures!

For this Amigurumi you will need:

White pressed felt
Black pressed felt
Black Yarn 3,5 mm
Fiber filling
Hook: 3,5 mm
Yarn: I am using Novita yarn. "Wool". Thin Finnish yarn of 3,5 mm in black color, but you can use any yarn. Please note that the thickness of the yarn and hook affect the size of your amigurumi.

This is a 1 Star pattern

Head and body and tail (it goes everything in the same sphere)

With peach yarn:

Round 1 - sc 6 into a magic ring (6 sts)
Round 2 - 2sc around (12 sts)
Round 3- [2sc in next sc, sc in next sc] around (18 sts)
Round 4 to 8 - Sc around (24 sts)
Round 8 - [Inv. Decr, sc in next st] around (12 sts)
Start stuffing
Round 9- [Inv. Decr] around (6 sts)
Ch 10, sc in each.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Cat amigurumi free pattern. Jiji from Kiki's delivery service studio ghibli

1. With black pressed felt: Cut two small triangles
2. With white pressed felt: Cut two triangles that are smaller than the black triangles
3. Glue the white triangles on top of the black triangles
4. Sew on place, on top of the head. Turn the ears and make sure the white part is showing out.

amigurumi kiki and jiji free pattern by the sun and the turtle

You are done!

You can find our Amigurumi Kiki from Kiki´s delivery service free pattern in this link

I Hope you enjoy making this little easy Amigurumi, comment below and tell us what you think of this tutorial. We love your comments(◕‿-)!

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