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A self portrait in crochet. Follow this challenge!

Crocheted self portrait by Jennifer Ramirez from The sun and the Turtle

Crocheted self portrait. Follow me in this Challenge of making my own self portrait and setting up the exhibition for my work based on following questions:

Why do I want to be a designer?
What made me decide to be what I am now?
Am I a designer?

These are the questions I am trying to find the answers to while I crochet my own personal story. As a Hook Ninja and amigurumi designer have you ever thought about these questions yourself?

During my course "Design and Culture" in the University, we decided to make our own exploration of Life. Being all the time busy jumping from class to work, we realized that there is few times in life for sitting and reflecting upon why we make the things we do and take the decisions we take. Why do I want to be a Crochet Artist and Toy Designer? I am hoping the yarn and my own story will give me that answer when this first exploration and exhibition is done.


Alright, now I have the sketch, I have the materials, I have everything. Should I make myself in amigurumi form or not? Believe me, in the beginning I felt that was the direction to go. Feeling comfortable with the Kawaii style I would make people smile when they see my little self in the hall of the School of Arts and Architecture, but somehow I want to push myself forward. How much can I do with yarn? How versatile and creative can I be as a prospective Crochet Artist? I decided to go in a total different direction. I decided to make my own portrait with my real measures. I will not tell you more for now, because I have a long story to tell while I crochet myself.

I woke up early today and started with the hardest part to tackle, the eyes. I needed to concentrate so I put the earphones on and listened to white noise and crocheted. In three hours the eyes were done and I felt pleased with the result.

How did I make them?

First I stared at my own eyes in the mirror for a while to understand their shape and then researched some eye studies made in pencil to figure out the shades and highlights as well as the lids and details of them.

I started crocheting the pupil and switched yarn for the iris, then switched yarn once more for the sclerotic and finally finished with skin color for the lids, everything in one go. Once they were ready I added some fake eyelashes with thread and embroidered the highlights and shadows. To finish off I used pastel chalk to make the shadows and add some red details. Now I will put them on the side and wait some days until I see them again, perhaps then I can find some extra details to add.

crocheted eyes

The continuation of this project can be read here, along with the pattern for the eyes.

I want to share this project with you guys and will love to know your opinion about how things are looking, Do you have any suggestions? please let me know in the comment section! Thanks for reading.


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