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Which crochet hook should you choose?

There are many different crochet hooks out there, which one should you choose?

Parts of a crochet hook

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Choosing the right crochet hook can take a bit of exploration, there are so many different crochet hooks out there, each of them are different and offer different levels of comfort. Additionally the design of a crochet hook can change the way your stitches look and even the speed you crochet!

Inline vs tapered

differences in crochet hooks by the sun and the turtle

There are at least two different kinds of crochet hook throat shapes. Inline and Tapered. It is hard to spot the difference if you are a beginner, but as you progress in your crocheting skills you will notice that some yarn feels "easier" to crochet with a certain hook. I myself did not noticed the difference until quite some time, even though I always wondered why the "stiffer" kind of hooks will make the yarn slide out of my hook and I did not feel very comfortable with it. Both of them are fine, it depends of your own taste and experimentation to find out which one works the best for you.

A tapered hook has a cylindrical body shape that ends in a smooth curve in the throat of the crochet hook.

An inline hook has a strong geometrical shape, the throat is cut in a straight way and the place to rest the thumb is higher than in the tapered hook.


crochet hooks by the sun and the turtle

There are many different materials which are used in crochet hooks. The most common ones are aluminum wood and plastic.

Durable, economical and traditional, nothing fancy but functional.
Cons: It feels cold (specially in cold season), not so anatomical and if colored can leave traces of color in your work (by peeling off). I started with an aluminum crochet hook and did not changed until one year ago, because it always worked well and I did not need anything fancy.

Pros: Light weight, nice colors and economical.
Cons: It brakes easily, not very anatomical.

Wooden (bamboo):
Pros: Ecological, light weight, soft, warm, organic and economical.
Cons: Depends of the quality, manufacturing and your own care. It can get splinters that will make the yarn to get stuck and It is a horrible feeling (almost like a split nail in silk or wool materials.)

About "Pro" crochet hooks:

There are plenty of different crochet hooks and brands that are designed for people who crochet constantly. They are anatomically designed to avoid injures and to improve speed and performance, usually they are a mix of materials being some of them aluminum, plastic and rubber. I would recommend to purchase a good hook If you have the possibility to invest in order to prevent injures such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Always make sure to take active pauses while working and stretch your arms and body. Drinking plenty of water can "force" you to take short toilet breaks and move your legs. Otherwise not even the mightiest crochet hook will help your arm and back pain. Sorry folks! :)

So then... What to choose?

1. Read other people's reviews on their experiences with different kinds of hooks.

2. Test and feel the materials before you purchase. Are you a wood kind of person? Does aluminum make you crochet faster? Which kind of yarn do you use? What kind of handle is the most comfortable for you?

3. Do not focus in the brand, focus in your personal taste and feelings.

I have been rotating from different hooks during the past few months, I noticed that my hands are quite small and the ones branded as "anatomical" work terribly for me because I cannot use them as shown in the manual and give me pain after some hours working with them, at the end I always go back to my very first hook. The plain aluminum one and it is totally ok! It is a matter of personal taste, choice and experience.

What kind of hook do you prefer? Do you have other recommendations for fellow crocheters about hooks? Please comment below and let us know what you think!

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