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Crochet tips - What yarn to choose and how to sew an Amigurumi easy

Crochet tips - What yarn to choose and how to sew an Amigurumi easy by The Sun and the Turtle.

Yarn help!

Hi Hook Ninjas!

It is challenging for us Amigurumi designers to find Amigurumi information regarding the techniques, style, materials and advice on how to make an Amigurumi easy in general. I found myself searching the web for information on this topic every time I had a doubt and sometimes I wondered why I did not collect the links or the info in just one place. I decided to write down all what I have read and learned on Amigurumi design into a series of infographics to help us all out!

We asked our friends in our social media pages if they had any questions regarding Amigurumi design. Many of them answered with very interesting questions regarding topics such as bes yarn for Amigurumi making, best way to sew Amigurumi, making facial details for your plushies, etc. Big shotout to the awesome D Anne Robinson, Unique2who, Karol SofĂ­a, Esther Williamson and Rebecca D who helped us with the first round of questions. Thank you ladies!

To make it easier for all of us I will be dividing the questions we receive via our Facebook page, Google+, Instagram and Twitter into topics related to Amigurumi design so we can easily collect them for future reference if needed. Feel free to share or reblog, like or Pin this images if you feel that they will help Hook Ninjas out there, just remember to respect the credits :)

Yarn Weight

In this graphic you will find a simple guide on which kind of yarn to use for your Amigurumi designs, common names and crochet hook sizes from different countries. When making Amigurumi make sure to think ahead which kind of texture and tightness you want in your project. For instance a fine yarn to make a big Amigurumi will involve a lot of crocheting. Another example is that using Worsted yarn for micro amigurumi will most likely not be be "micro". Spend a few more seconds thinking ahead and your results will be fantastic!

crochet tips yarn weight for amigurumis by the sun and the turtle


I have to be honest. I do not enjoy sewing Amigurumi parts either but I try not to think about it and do it. I wanted to share what I do to make this part of the process less painful. Go grab some chocolate and reward yourself for sewing all your piled projects!

If you are interested about the rewarding method to break habits from here:

How to sew amigurumi parts easy by the Sun and the Turtle

Here is a Picture of the whole graphic. Do you like Yarny the mascot of this infographic? We love him, he is hilarious!

Amigurumi help infographic about yarn for Amigurumis by the sun and the turtle

I hope this infographic answers a few of your questions, stay tuned because there is a few more to come. Let me know if you have any Amigurumi questions you would like me to research, doubts and comments.

Good Luck!

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